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Free 5 MB home page for personal use or business. Zubee@V92. Features new V44 compression for faster surfing, plus modem on hold.

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What is WebRunner?

  • WebRunner makes your dialup connection up to 2 to 5 times faster! Some customers report 3 to 6 times faster!
  • It allows you to surf the Web over a dialup connection almost as fast as you could over cable or DSL, but without the extra equipment or installation headaches. 

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When signing up for dialup service choose the WebRunner option.
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WebRunner Frequently Asked Questions?

How does it work?

All you need to do to take advantage of WebRunner is to download a small piece of software (5 megs). The WebRunner software talks to a server in our data center, compressing and delivering Web content to your PC at lightening-fast speeds. Your WebRunner software then decompresses the information. 

This means you get all the stuff you want to see, really fast at a huge savings compared to other High-Speed options. 

  • Web Pages Load Faster 

  • E-mail containing graphics, flash and text files download quicker 

*WebRunner does not enhance streaming audio and video files or large file downloads. You can use your Internet access from different computers. However, WebRunner will only be available from the PC on which you install the software. WebRunner is not available if you are using our filtered Internet access or if you are using a Macintosh.

Optional Family Filter - We use X-Stop©, number one rated family filtering system for content (pornography, foul language and hate sites) in the industry. Server-based so we block problems before they reach your computer. There is no maintenance required.

*AOL users please call us on our toll free number should you have any problems signing up. If you don't wish to sign up via the Internet, you can also sign up using our toll free tech support number.

There is no requirement to give out your credit card information to view our access numbers. V92 is now available on Network L and A. Our Internet access works with all free instant messaging services such as AIM, MSN and Yahoo. Our team should be able to set up your Zubee Access over the phone should you need any help. We are a quality ISP service. Please check back monthly, if we don't yet have a Internet access number available in your area. Zubee Internet signup, does not delete your current ISP settings. We bill monthly, no yearly contracts. Please call us any time on our toll free number, 866 - 229 - 1022.
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Toll Free Telephone Technical Support

Quick Connect solves one of the biggest complaints regarding dial-up connections:
the amount of time it takes to establish a connection. A typical modem
negotiation takes about 25 – 30 seconds after the call is answered. Quick Connect
optimizes this process and cuts the time in half.

The other big complaint is not having the ability to use call waiting
while surfing the Net. Modem on Hold (MOH) handles
incoming call-waiting signals, flashes the number to the
end user and gives them the option to take the call. If they
answer the call, MOH puts the ISP “on hold” and preserves your
Internet connection. When the second call is complete, you may
immediately resume surfing. End users can also make
outbound calls without disconnecting.

V.92 increases both download and upload speeds through new
compression techniques and standards for upstream transmission. Upstream
data rates are increased from 33.6 Kilobits per second (Kbps) to 48Kbps. V.44 also
increases the downloading speed of uncompressed content (i.e. text) by 50%.
You can find out more about V.92 here: http://www.pcmag.com/
Upgrade to a V92 modem! You will save thousands of dollars on a cable or DSL
connection, plus surf faster than a normal dial up. Our V92 service will
work on a normal modem until you are able to upgrade. You should
be able to purchase a good V.92 modem for around $30.00.

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